Monday, July 10, 2017

How To Talk About Poverty

We all love to be heroes. We love to know we are making a difference. And this, unfortunately, affects the way we talk about poverty.

When we talk about giving or serving to make a difference in the lives of the materially impoverished. We almost always talk about the negative -- starving children, slums, filthy water, lack of education... But we rarely talk about the potential for success and the skills/talents/ability that those people bring and we almost never let them speak for themselves.

Because of our need to be saviors from the first world swooping in to save the poor third-worlders, we speak for them when they are more than capable of speaking for themselves.

We might mean well, but the way we talk about the materially poor gives them very little dignity and robs them of the voice they have.

Craig Greenfield wrote a brief but powerful article about how we talk about poverty.

See the original article here:
How to talk about poverty without being a jerk

Monday, June 5, 2017

New City Cafe

One of Northridge Church’s 2016 Advent Conspiracy partners is 441 Ministries, a local Christian non-profit organization whose mission to “partner with local churches and other like-minded organizations to bring hope, healing, and holistic development through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester.”

One of its new, exciting ministries is the development of a new coffee shop, the New City Café.   441’s vision for the café is “to see our neighborhood flourish, by promoting economic development and Christ-like business principles with a youth-centric approach.  As an employer, New City Cafe will focus on professional development, equipping teenagers with the necessary skills for careers later in life.  As a ministry, New City Cafe will focus on spiritual growth by mentoring teenagers to develop Christ-like values."

This is real “rubber-meets-the-road" ministry, and the gospel is central to everything 441 does.

The café is scheduled to have its Grand Opening on Friday June 9, and you can support their mission by simply stopping in soon to get a cup of coffee!  The café is located at 441 Parsells Avenue, right in the heart of the Beechwood neighborhood. You can also check out their Facebook page:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer Projects at Northridge

It's an exciting time at Northridge Church. This summer 9 interns will be joining our staff to gain ministry experience, be a part of what God is doing, and lend their talents and training to help make MORE and BETTER followers of Jesus!

With such a dramatic increase in staff size, we have a number of projects that need to be completed over the next few weeks to make room.

- We need people willing to paint some offices and inside some housing
- We have office chairs that need to be assembled
- If you have electrical experience, we have 28 hanging lights to install over our new office space

This is a great group serving project idea. If you are interested or want more information, you can contact Nate Logan at