Monday, January 16, 2017

Overcoming the Inertia of Poverty

- It is the 29th "most needy" city.
- It is the fourth "poorest" city.
- It ranks Number 1 in "Overall Poverty," "Child Poverty" and "Extreme Poverty" among cities of comparable size. 
- Its school district is the second most "poverty stricken" district.
- Nearly one-half of its student population lives "in poverty."

These are rankings* for Rochester, New York and they don't represent comparisons to other cities in New York, but rather in the entire United States.  Each one of the categories in quotations above carries a specific definition relating to demographics and income, but you don't really need to know those particulars to realize we live in a location steeped in deep need, and not just in a financial sense. A huge segment of our population struggles on a daily basis just to exist.

Such statistics are generated every year, and unfortunately Rochester's rankings in these and other categories have gone essentially unchanged for quite a while. Overcoming the inertia of poverty of this level is extremely challenging.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year have come and gone, and with them some of personal time commitments that the holiday season brings.  Maybe you can now turn your attention to serving or giving to others with a renewed energy, and help build a bridge across the deep chasm of need in our community.  We’d love to help you take that step:

* - Based primarily on recently-updated U.S. Census Bureau data

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Code Blue

  • NO ONE should be turned away in these conditions!
  • The Open Door Mission must expand its capacity for extra beds!
  • Extra beds means extra meals, lights, heat, staff, extra everything!
  • Please consider a financial gift to cover these extra costs!
  • Thank you for ensuring NO ONE suffers from Hypothermia this week.
          We are very grateful for your support. Thank You!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Basketball Coaches Needed

Youth for Christ is looking for volunteer mentors/coaches for the spring basketball season. The purpose of the All-Star Basketball program is to create an environment which fosters healthy relationships. Mentor/coaches, who are trained volunteers, encourage each player, coach basic skills and teach life principles through “Hoop Talk” a character based/Bible discussion encouraging personal growth and responsibility. If you're interested in learning more or volunteering, please contact Allison at YFC ( by February 15th.